Monday, March 10, 2008

Empire of the senseless

Interesting times for music publishing.

Whether EMI will still want to buy Boosey's once they've seen what sort of state it's in remains to be seen - it doesn't bode well if the current owners really have been trying to get rid of it since shortly after they bought it.

Boosey and Hawkes is a company, like most music publishers, that has grown complacent and reliant on the exploitation of some big names it was lucky enough to acquire rather than trying to create a future for the art form it purports to represent. It'd be nice to think a new owner might begin to reverse this trend, but I can't say I feel confident that a bunch of asset-strippers, which is essentially what Guy Hands' business is, will have any new approach to the selling of classical music.


Sarah said...

Easy, there. I work for B&H and I've never been so happily surrounded by people who are deeply committed to new music. I feel grateful to wake up every morning, knowing that I'm part of a company that whose number one mission is artistic.

Don't just put a peg in us as an uncaring business. Give us a call and inform yourself!

petemaskreplica said...

Hello, Sarah, welcome to my humble internet abode, and remember, if anything offends you, it's just the dribbling thoughts of some wanker with a blog, and we all know what their opinions are worth ;)

I'm very glad you enjoy your job. I've known a lot of people at Boosey & Hawkes over the years, both professionally and personally, and most of them have been very pleasant people.

I'm afraid you're wrong though - Boosey & Hawkes's (and of course every publisher's) number one mission is to make money by exploiting the monopoly it holds in copyright works. Do you think Guy Hands is thinking about buying up the company in order to feel good about helping out composers?