Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The out sound from way in

We go to the seaside, eat fish and chips and paddle in the sea. I try to capture the place, but as my companion points out, it's an impossible task, because there's so much more than sight - all the sense are involved. And particularly for me, hearing. I've always loved the sound of the sea, whether from land or on board ships. My attempts to conjure up soundscapes seem so tiny and insignificant compared to this natural symphony.

It sharpens my ears, though, and returning to work I find myself listening afresh to the sounds surrounding me as I travel - something I've drawn on in the past for my own music - the angular, crippled clattering of the tube rails a stark contrast to the smooth rush of the sea and shingle.

This is part of why it pains me that people fill their ears with tinny distorted sounds from their i-pods and phones. What a shame to reduce music to something with which to smother the world. There's music all around, if you want to hear it.


Cheerful One said...

The best sound in the world? The sea washing against a cliff 50ft below your bedroom window. Only once in my life, and a long long time ago but yet unbeaten: what a lullaby.

Your companion is clearly very wise. Multisensory.

petemaskreplica said...

Indeed she is :)

The best sound in the world? I'm not sure I can name one. The sound that you are listening to at any moment intently, maybe.