Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How Pop Music Works

Oh, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Don't you look fashionable in your unbuttoned shirt and Converses? Look at you, grooving to "Tomorrow Never Knows", nodding sagely to Joni Mitchell, telling us how great Imagine and Bohemian Rhapsody and Wyclef Jean are, making it OK to like pop. Well, you know what? I don't need your patronising waffle to justify listening to anything. I don't need you pinning songs down like butterflies.

The thing is, there are some interesting people on this programme, with pertinent things to say about what makes a great pop song. But why do we have to put up with you bringing your relentlessly average thoughts to bear? It's bad enough that you're becoming ubiquitous in the field of classical music on telly, a middle aged, dressed twenty years too young television producer's wet dream of half-arsed ideas of "accessibility" and "relevance". Why do you have to ruin pop as well?


Cheerful One said...

I was seriously considering a post about Charlie's stupid boots, even stupider apartment, and his choirmaster delivery juxtaposed with student bedroom nodding twat look, and but am pleased and amused to see that you've done it already.

I enjoyed the programme, however, even more so because I can now (mostly) play 'Back to Black' on ukulele.

petemaskreplica said...

"student bedroom nodding twat look"

That's fantastic, you've said it far better than I did.

There was a lot to enjoy in the programme, most of the talking heads had something enlightening to say. But this awful veneer of "Hey! I'm a classical musician, but I like pop music too!" is just so patronising, and tired. Why do media types persist in this delusion that it's somehow unusual or notable for a classical musician to listen to pop? And anyway, "pop" is as all-embracingly meaningless a term as "classical".

Oh yes, and I'd like to get hold of Charlie and his Wyclef album and shove the complete works of Stockhausen and the Wu-Tang Clan up his poncy arse. That'd show him what eclecticism is.

Cheerful One said...

There there ;) x

(but he DID look a twat, and the director should be shot, if only for the poncy shots of Charlie...)