Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Post festivities

Well, that's that for another year. I find as I get older that I've less and less time for the forced jollity of Christmas, and find myself in the ironic position of really just doing it for the parents, as I guess they once did it just for my sake. It's a week off work, true, but so much time is spent on an endless round of social/family visits that you get no time for yourself, and end up feeling exhausted and enervated from too much crap food, booze and small talk. I also find myself getting more and more annoyed by the whole present thing, the spending of money on things no-one really wants. I used to think getting something that someone had asked for/ had put on a wish list represented a failure of imagination, but I'm increasingly of the opinion that unless you really have a brilliant idea of your own, you shouldn't bother with anything else. I got two books this year that I know I'm never going to read. Not because they're not perfectly decent books, but they're just too damn big, certainly not the kind of thing to be carried on public transport, which is almost the only place I have time to read these days. When I was a student I might have been interested enough to dig my way through Prokofiev's student diaries, but now I can't persuade myself that it matters enough to bother. There seem to be many more important things to occupy my time. Not least actually listening to his music. And while a zipperobe in the shape of the Tardis seemed funny for about 5 minutes, I rapidly found myself reflecting that a) it was going to be a pain in the arse to get home, b) I don't have room for it and c) I don't need it, as I have a proper wardrobe. And at a time when I'm pretty desperately short of money, I can't help but think that the no doubt considerable amount that was spent on what is essentially a joke present could have been more profitably used to get me stuff that I would have got for myself, and kept me a little less in debt.

Anyway, back to work today. We rotate specific duties once a year in my office, and due to the differing space needed by different roles this means I will also have to move desk, where I will be surrounded by the 2 most talkative people in the office. I am now wondering if there's any way I can politely say "Actually, while you find everything your children do fascinating, I don't. I especially don't find them interesting first thing in the morning, when my foremost desire is to drink my coffee and talk as little as possible. I also don't consider the fact that we both own bicycles to be an adequate basis for extended conversation. And I'm not that interested in pictures of rabbits, either. Please shut up."
I think this year I will be mostly wearing headphones. With very loud music coming through them.

Still, mustn't grumble, eh? Happy New Year!


Erin said...

The guy who sits behind me frequently reads his email aloud, vocialises his thoughts about them, and verbally composes his reply. Thankfully he's in meetings most of the day.

He also talks back to his voicemail.

petemaskreplica said...

Erin, he's clearly insane. You should hide all sharp objects, notify the authorities, and hide under the desk until the van comes to take him away.

Erin said...

It's not as insane as the guy down the row from me who makes up show tunes based on the content of his marketing plans while he writes them. He's much more insane somehow.

Day in bed said...

I had a colleague who wouldn't shut up when I was busy. I'd keep on typing and not even look at her, but she kept on going. Eventually, I'd have to answer her simply because the situation was ridiculous.

I guess people like that are so wrapped up in their own stuff. That or they're just nuts.

petemaskreplica said...

erin, I'm starting to worry for your safety. Never turn your back on any of your colleagues.

day, I think you're right on both counts. My colleague is perfectly nice as a person, it's just that she won't shut up, and turns every conversation to her own stuff. I've got plenty of people at work who are nuts as well,though. I haven't even mentioned the guy who talks to himself yet. He really is a loon. Very nice. But completely hatstand.

I guess this is the price I pay for working in the arts.

Day in bed said...

It could be worse. People in advertising are often self-absorbed, two-faced nuts that think they're the best thing since sliced bread. My opinion on a bad day.

Anonymous said...

for the past month i have been temping in the market risk dept. of a large French global investment bank in the City where nobody ever acknowledges my arrivals and departures or comments on my two hour lunch breaks.
communication is severely restricted to meetings, conference calls and videoconference calls and the subject matter is absolutely unintelligible to anyone without a masters in economics (i deduce this from the electronic meeting presentations). Now I think about it, i have never received a joke email.
The only hatstand is the one to hang coats on.
it all feels rather anonymous.


currently listening to: ladytron
current mood: professional and detached
current salary: £14 ph

petemaskreplica said...

It's a long time since I counted my wage by the hour.
God, I wish I didn't receive joke emails. They're never funny.
You take 2 hour lunch breaks with impunity? My friend, you're working in the ideal job!

Anonymous said...

it's true, I'm in the ideal job! However as it's a temp job it finishes on 10th Jan. All good things come to an end..