Friday, March 09, 2007

Activity vs. Achievement

Some weeks you don't seem to get anything done, yet when you look back you can't quite work out why, as nothing seems to have left an impression on your memory. Is it because you've been too busy? Or are you being lazy? Is this a block, or just a natural fallow period? Are you drying up, or do you just need a holiday? Are you fed up with your job, or just your immediate circumstances? Was the week really that featureless, or is it just that it seems so after such a good weekend when you glimpsed a freedom you've been missing?

Maybe it's for the best to have a quiet evening pottering, washing, cleaning. Then a day of activity to follow. The thing is not to work or not to work - it's to achieve a balance between the two. Inactivity isn't necessarily unproductive, any more than business is necessarily constructive.


Day in bed said...

Work is a tricky thing. If we don't enjoy it or at least feel productive then it's so easy to get depressed. I was mulling it over this weekend. It's enough to a destroy a person's soul going to work 5 days a week when you hate it. Then the weekend finally comes around but you can't afford to get out of town. It's a downward spiral to despair. But I find freelancing helps to reach that balance. I'm still not getting out of town but at least I have more time to do my stuff.

Anonymous said...

Now I know I have a soul because it is being destroyed.

Tin Woodsman