Monday, April 09, 2007

Xanadu falling

The unusual situation of a gloriously sunny bank holiday is a good excuse to cycle along the Thames pathway from Abbey Wood to Greenwich. Of all the things in London, the river is the one that most consistently makes me glad I live here, and the route takes us right alongside the water for most of the journey.

We round the Greenwich peninsula, and circle the Millennium Dome. I thought at the time, and still do, that the building itself is an impressive looking structure, hamstrung by a lack of purpose. The problem with it always was that they built it and then wondered what to put in it, precisely the wrong way round to go about it. So it ended up filled with tawdry, empty baubles, and now sits forlorn, empty and surrounded by decay, a beacon of broken promises and disappointment, an apposite monument to Blair's government. I reflect on Tony Blair, the man who was so desperate to be liked by everybody, and who ended up being liked by nobody much at all.


Anonymous said...

Bon Jovi will be the first act to play at the O2, the venue developed from the MILLENNIUM DOME in London.
Also due to play the 30,000 venue throughout the year are the likes of Justin Timberlake, Take That, The Rolling Stones and Scissor Sisters.
Sounds like they paid heed to your comment about the dome being empty and forlorn, a beacon of broken promises and disappointment having no purpose...

Anonymous said... has since been announced there will be a Tutankhamun exhibition in the Dome...and that the 'man who ended up being liked by no one much at all' is stepping down!
Who would have thought that an 'obscure blog' could cause such earth shattering events!