Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Mules

Ed Seed is really too skinny to be anything other than in a band. He drums and sings, a combination with a noble lineage (we'll forget about Phil Collins). The Mules also consists of guitar, bass, violin and squelchy moog-type keyboards. If Madness had come from the Weimar Republic they might have sounded like this. They're sharp, but also agreeably slapdash, skittering around Ed's tight drumming. They're rather wonderful, and so is their album. You could buy it online, but it would be better if you went to a gig and bought it off them there. They're playing every Monday at the Big Chill House until the end of August. Entry is free. Go and hear them.


Rhina B. said...

Thanks for the info, the Big Chill sounds cool. I may go check 'em out soon.

petemaskreplica said...

It's an interesting place, hideously expensive beer, of course, but a good place to watch people. There's a lot of ageing self-consciously indie types there, so in a way I fit right in ;)