Wednesday, May 09, 2007


There are many bands who wish they were the Fall, and Meat for a Dark Day are another one. Impressive facial hair, though.

Death Vessel turns out to be one man (although we weren't entirely sure about this, and I can only state this definitively having looked at his website). Our first thought is "Hey look! It's Neil from the Young Ones!" but he wins us round with some very impressive guitar picking and a distinctive, androgynous voice. The material maybe doesn't always match the performance, but nevertheless, this is someone worth keeping an eye on. Although I maintain that "Death Vulture" would be a better name.

People say Low are slow, and miserable. Only slow in the way an iceberg is. There's a driving power in their music that belies their steady tempi, and while they don't address the audience much at first, when they do there's a wry, dry humour that puts the miserablist tag into perspective. They're certainly not the sort of band you're likely to wave your hands in the air (like you just don't care) to, but they're a compelling live presence, and not too removed from rock 'n' roll theatrics to make us wait for encores that they clearly are going to play.


Anonymous said...

We don't wish that we were the fall to be honest, though you of course are entitled to believe that we do if that makes you feel secure.
Maybe more content would help your critique?

petemaskreplica said...

My sense of security's got nothing to do with it. We came in at the end of your set, noted a Fall-ish tone and a fine moustache, and you were gone. My opinion, nothing more. Maybe I'll change it when I've had time to hear more of your stuff. That's the great thing about opinions, they're constantly under review (or should be). I wouldn't lose sleep over one post on an obscure blog if I were you. Good luck to you.

Who do you wish you were?

Anonymous said...

Who are Dark Day for Meat and why are they using my identity?
I thought the mad cow crisis was over.