Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful... (2)

Ooh! Snow in winter! Who'd have thort it, eh?
Annoyingly, my trains seemed to run slightly better (or less shitly, to be more accurate) than normal. I can't even rely on the buggers to be unreliable.

it's already disappeared from W12, though patches of white still cling to the wild northern climes where I live. In Birmingham all the schools are closed again. Lucky sods, I'm sure it wouldn't have happened in my day.

The London Eye's gone all red. It's rather pretty, but disturbing as I suspect it to be a marketing gimmick to do with one the bearded twat Richard Branson's dodgy ventures.

Today seems to be Mad Fucker Day. I can't decide if it would be easier to have the lot of them carted off in a van, or just to have myself carted off. Surely if I got hold of a gun and went postal there's not a court in the land that would convict?


fatman said...

The terrible thing is they closed schools preemptively when they heard snow may fall. There was no snow and they still closed them just in case. Now, I never had a day off school for weather when I was a kid, has it somehow got colder now? And is it so bad the mere threat of the stuff is enough to keep the tender little thugs at home?

For f**** sake!!!

petemaskreplica said...

I remember very few days when I was a lad when school actually shut for snow. We always used to pray it would, of course. I do remember many days when I was one of very few who made it in to school, as I used to walk there anyway. At the age of 8. This doesn't happen these days, either.