Friday, June 15, 2007

Relative Dimension

There's a certain breed of gay man who sends women of a certain age all of a quiver in a last-ditch hormonal frenzy, and the exemple de nos jours is part time TARDIS occupant, chum of Emperor Palpatine and all-round hunk o' cheese John Barrowman.

I'll be looking forward to seeing him turn up in Doctor Who tomorrow night, seeing how many seconds he lasts without chatting someone up, and hoping for a shock revelation or two. But in the meantime, I feel duty bound to ask, what is going on on this album cover? Is Andrew Lloyd Webber just out of shot, applying his aspects to Captain Jack's Torchwood?


Lucia said...

Oh god. I'm a woman of "a certain age" who is "all of a quiver" but please don't tell me it's "a last-ditch hormonal frenzy".


petemaskreplica said...

Don't worry, I think you have a good few more years of hormonal franzy left before you reach "a certain age". ;)

Rhina B. said...

Hello, new to your blog and liking it.

Well, I'm not a 'woman of a certain age' in a 'last ditch hormonal frenzy' but I still find John Barrowman extremely quiver-worthy (specially in the Captain Jack character).

Oh, and I expect he didn't keep you waiting long. He chatted up like 4 people in less than half an episode, including a blue alien!

petemaskreplica said...

Welcome to this cavalcade of ill-considered nonsense, and rest assured that quivering over Mr. Barrowman does not necessarily equate with "a certain age". I should probably draw a Venn diagram.
I hope you were as geek-tastically excited as I was. I mean - the fucking Master! The next two Saturdays are definitely nights in!

Rhina B. said...

I wish I could say something cool like I have so many prior engagements I couldn't possibly consider a Saturday night in.

But the geektastic truth is I'll be glued to the telly (I mean, I've been waiting for Jack's return for months!)

petemaskreplica said...

The geek shall inherit the earth! I think that's how it goes.

...or will it be the Master?!